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Hey, I'm Désirée

And I hope I can help you find the best version of yourself!

I’m native Italian as well as American and I’ve been traveling the world since I was born.

Four years ago, during my graduate studies in Milan, I discovered my passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle, and armed with sneakers and dumbbells, I decided to dedicate myself to fitness. It started as a hobby, became a true passion, and now I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer.

Fitness has made me the strongest, most confident and resilient version of me. It’s not about the six pack or a toned booty. It’s about how you feel inside, and I hope that through my guidance you can become YOUR BEST YOU.

A woman who is strong, self-loving, and confident in her own skin. Strength comes from within, so how about we embrace it together?

When I am not wearing my eccentric leggings and sports bra, I’m a true Marketer with a M.Sc. conferred by world-renowned Bocconi University in Milan!

In short…I’m a concentrated mix of energy and creativity in 5’2”!

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